Hi there, Linda Levin. Tell us about Vägledardagen Linné 2019 on 30 January!

Linda Levin

Vägledardagen Linné is an annual information and inspiration day at Linnaeus University for student counsellors who work at upper secondary schools. This year, the theme is “Beteendevetare [behavioural scientist] – how to become one”?

We talked with Linda Levin, student counsellor and section manager at the office of student affairs about Vägledardagen.

1. Why do you choose to gather all student counsellors in this way?

“It’s an opportunity for student counsellors from different activities in different parts of Småland and Blekinge to get the most recently updated information on what is going on at Linnaeus University concerning education, studies, and career. We hope that they will feel inspired when the day is finished and that they will have acquired new knowledge to bring with them into their own activities.

2. What does the programme look like?

“The theme of the year is “Behavioural scientist – how to become one?” We will listen to the trade union for behavioural scientists (SSR) talk about what the labour market looks like for behavioural scientists. The programme coordinators from the social work study programme, the human resource management programme, and the sociology programme will talk about their programmes. The degree office will talk about how to put together your own degree. After lunch, there will be a panel debate where the audience is welcome to ask questions to the lecturers from earlier during the day. The day is concluded with a lecture by Johannes Rosenlundh who will talk about the hetero norm and its consequences.

3. Why this programme content?

“A frequent statement from student counsellors is ‘I want to work with humans’”.
We want to highlight behavioural science as one of the fields in which you work with humans. There are many different educational paths to working with humans and we have chosen to highlight some of these here”.

4. One item on the programme deals with how to put together your own degree by taking single-subject courses, is this approach not so well-known?

“Exactly, one way to obtain a degree at a university is to put together your own degree, something that we have chosen to put extra focus on and more specifically link to the behavioural science subjects”.

5. What does your collaboration with the student counsellors look like otherwise?

“Vägledardagen is a forum where student counsellors have the opportunity to network and exchange experiences and to discuss challenges and other questions of relevance in our profession. We think these meetings are important in order for us to stay updated on each other’s activities and on how we should meet our students in the best way possible”.

Linda Levin concludes by saying:
We are proud to have Johannes Rosenlundh share his knowledge about and experience on issues relating to homosexuals, bisexuals, trans and queer persons (hbtq). Besides, there are many more registered participants than what is usually the case, which indicates that the subject is of interest.

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