Award for zeal and devotion in the service for the state

Employees recognised for long state service can choose between a gentlemen's or ladies' watch made of gold, a crystal bowl, or a gold medal.

Normally 30 years of state employment are required before an employee can be recognised for the award for zeal and devotion in the service for the state. If the employee retires, the award can still be obtained if the employee has been employed for 25 years at retirement. 'Retirement' in this sense refers to retirement pension and other forms of individual pension e.g. disability pension in accordance with state regulations relating to pensions. According to the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, it is possible for employees to take early retirement at the age of 60 in accordance with PA-91 and from 61 years in accordance with PA 03, which can be equated with retirement. An employee who has remained in employment after the agreed retirement age of 65 years and at the formal retirement age has accumulated 25 years of employment is also entitled to the award for zealous and devoted service for the state.

For further queries and help in determining the length of employment, please contact the Office of Human Resources (HR).