Linnaeus Knowledge Environments

Since 2017, we have been working to concretise and make our work with creative knowledge environments a tool that can help us strengthen the success and attractiveness of Linnaeus University. In order for us to be able to meet the complex societal challenges we are facing, we must utilise knowledge from the entire academic register. This is a way of working that we are already familiar with through collaborations within and between academic subjects. We now have reason to work towards becoming even better at systematically making the most of both breadth and depth within subjects and proximity between subjects. We know this thanks to the last few years’ reviews of our activities. We shall benefit from the ventures that have already been carried out, but must also have the courage to combine and find new ways of working to promote innovativeness in knowledge environments.

The decision has been made to establish the first three Linnaeus knowledge environments, which all have their basis in urgent societal challenges. More information about the desicion on the swedish version of this page. 

15 May: Fair on Linnaeus knowledge environments, second round, Växjö

Members of staff at the faculties are invited to send in proposals for Linnaeus knowledge environment. External collaboration partners and students will also be invited to the fair. More information will be published later on.

Instruction: poster and proposal


The communications office will create a 70x100 cm poster based on your texts and illustrations. A common template will be used.

  • Number of characters: maximum 2,500 including spaces if two illustrations, maximum 3,000 if one illustration is used.
  • Keep in mind that the shorter the text, the easier for the observer to get an overview of the content. When the text is shorter the illustrations can also be made larger and the poster will give an airier impression.
  • Number of photos, tables, logotypes and other illustrations: 1–2, to be sent as separate files.
  • The posters are printed by the executive office.
  • The following headings should be included:
  • Contact person
  • Name of the knowledge environment
  • What societal challenges will be addressed
  • What parts will collaborate (faculties, education, research, collaboration)
  • What characterises the knowledge environment you wish to establish

Idea proposal

Maximum three pages.

Follow the headings above and add other essential information.

More information on the swedish version of this page