Do you want to participate in a research project on dry eyes?

Why do we get dry eyes? Right now, a research study starts at the university, where you can participate in a survey that takes less than five minutes.

Our researchers examine the relationship between signs and symptoms of dry eyes with the corneal nerve function. The result of this study is important in order to better understand and treat the condition known as "dry eyes".

The questionnaire consists of 12 questions, and your participation is completely anonymous. There is therefore no possibility to get any individual result from the questionnaire but at the end of the questionnaire you can choose to print and save your answer before sending in the questionnaire.

If you have the opportunity, you are also welcome to participate in a deeper analysis of your eyes, no matter how you respond in the questionnaire, at our clinic at Optikerutbildning, Hus Vita, 391 82 Kalmar. You will be able to send us your contact details at the end of this questionnaire so we can book a visit with us.

Click here to get to the survey and to participate in the study!

The research group consists of: Jenny Roth, jenny.roth_AT_lnu.se, Antonio Macedo, antonio.macedo_AT_lnu.se, Peter Gierow, peter.gierow_AT_lnu.se

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