Linnaeus University has joined the Swedish Japanese MIRAI network for 2019

Linnéuniversitetet har anslutit sig till the Swedish Japanese MIRAI network för 2019. Ett antal workshops kommer att anordnas under året inom projektets fokusområden – åldrande, materialvetenskap och hållbarhet. De forskare som blir antagna till att delta vid någon av workshoparna kommer även att kunna ansöka om ett resestipendium. Internationaliseringskommittén vid Linnéuniversitetet har avsatt 100 000 kronor för detta ändamål.

För mer information, se engelsk text nedan.


Linnaeus University has joined the Swedish Japanese MIRAI network for 2019. There will be a number of workshops during this year within the focus topics of the project (see below). The Linnaeus researchers approved to join one of the workshops will be able to apply for a travel stipend from Linnaeus. Linnaeus Committee for Internationalisation has allocated SEK 100 000 for this purpose. 

MIRAI is connecting Swedish and Japanese universities through research, education and innovation. It is a three-year project funded jointly by STINT, seven Swedish and eight Japanese universities and with financial support from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). The project runs 2017-2019.

MIRAI is specifically directed at researchers at an early stage of their career (Phd + minimum of 5 years of research), to lead future joint activities between universities in the two countries. The topic and focus of the project are within the broader context of Ageing, Materials Science and Sustainability. Both Sweden and Japan have a long tradition of innovation and are heavily investing in large-scale facilities to be at the forefront of science and research. Read more about MIRAI at: http://www.mirai.nu

There are two upcoming workshops where Linnaeus University can nominate a researcher to attend:

  1. Materials for energy devices and Bio- and Bioinspired materials, in Linköping May 21-23, deadline to submit CV and information is end of April, please contact ER as soon as possible should you be interested in attending (level: Associate/Assistant professor)
  2. Furthering International Joint Research Promotion in the Field of Ageing: Accelerating Implementation of Research into Practice. Sub-topics: Demography and Determinants of Health, New Technologies for the Ageing Society, Health Promotion for the Ageing Society. Tokyo June 2-5. Deadline to submit an application is April 14 (level: assistant/associated professor).

If you are interested in attending one of the above workshops, please contact Charlotte or Kjärstin asap since the deadline is in April!

MIRAI Coordinator at Linnaeus University is the office of external relations

Charlotte Skoglund, regional manager for Asia: charlotte.skoglund_AT_lnu.se

Kjärstin Hagman Boström, research adviser: kjarstin.hagman_AT_lnu.se

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