External review of Linnaeus University’s research

Peter Aronsson

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As part of our work to evaluate how Linnaeus University works with research development, a group of external experts has reviewed and evaluated the university’s research process.

“We wanted to get an external opinion from both national and international experts on what Linnaeus University has done well so far and what can be improved in the future”, explains acting rector Peter Aronsson.

The experts have reviewed both the overall, central level and how things look at each respective faculty. The results are presented in a report in which the experts comment and discuss their observations for the different parts and leave suggestions for improvements.

“It is a dedicated group of researchers who have really committed to our development and noticed many good things and also made interesting and helpful observations. Many members of staff at the university were also actively involved in dialogues and discussions with the external experts”, says Aronsson.

“Their recommendation is that we stick to the strategic idea of building strong knowledge environments where research, education and collaboration become evident and dynamic in relation to each other. They have some different ideas for how to achieve this, but these must be evaluated by the university’s activities”, Aronsson continues.

The report containing the suggestions and observations by the external experts will now be distributed to the members of staff at the university who have been involved in this work. They will take part of the information and decide on how to act on the report.

“The aim is to develop a stronger research on all levels; that everyone at the university, from students and administration to researchers, should feel that they can contribute to the development of a stronger research from where they are”, says Aronsson.

“This autumn, we will look into what needs to be developed at the overall level, for instance if the senior management team needs to do any adjustments concerning how research is stimulated, as well as what the faculties and departments need to do. What should be done should be done in the right place”, Aronsson concludes.

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