Lnu strategic grant for teacher mobility

Linnaeus University has now initiated work to develop a new strategy document, Vision 2030. In order to adjust to the new vision there will also be changes regarding the strategic grants for teacher mobility and staff mobility outside Europe. We will therefore not have any application calls during this autumn. More information is coming soon.

There is a possibility for staff to apply for funding for teaching assignments and staff training in Europe within the Erasmus programme.

Erasmus + International Credit Mobility provides opportunities for mobility outside Europe.

On the UHR's website, there is more information on funding for preparatory visits within the Erasmus programs: https://www.utbyten.se/program/erasmus-forberedande-besok/ (in Swedish only)

Through STINT (Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation for Research and Higher Education), there is a possibility to apply for grants from the programmes Mobility Grants for Internationalisation och Initiation Grants.

We would also like to inform you about Linnaeus-Palme, a SIDA-funded programme, where you have the opportunity to apply for project funding annually.