University merchandise

University Merchandise are used for brand-building purposes, primarily in connection with promotional activities in connection with student recruitment at the university, in other contacts between the university and the outside world, as well as gifts or gifts at events.

As a profile item, all products that somewhere have the university's logo and / or symbol applied are counted. The need for profile products at Linnaeus University is defined in four main categories: Profile goods (give aways), gifts, profile clothes and sweets.

All university-wide purchasing of profile products is handled by the Communications Department. If you have any comments or questions about the profile product range, you can send an email to

Profile goods are sold to staff and students, but also to external customers in the Linnaeus University webshop. Single or a small number of products can also be purchased in the stores in Kalmar and Växjö.

Framework agreement

According to the Linnaeus University Framework Agreement, the following suppliers must be used, in descending order (that is, in the first place, option 1 should be used, secondly, option 2, and third, option 3).

1. NÖJAB, Contact: Björn Rydström, 0480-43 04 03
2. Roupéz, Contact person: Frida Andersson, 0470-34 89 93
3. Procurator, Contact person: Ingemar Johansson, 010-60 40 261

Lnu's web shop
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